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Guida di San Valentino alla camporella triestina

Regaletto di San Valentino: free release online agrattish for free di un papero del Monon Behavior Ciu, sul tema dei gggiovani innamorati ;)
P.s. se gavè altri camporeling places da segnalar zontè pur, qua xe robe sciementific open sorz!

Carso camporeling: best infrasking places

1Monon Behavior Research Department
2BAUL: Bubetz Associated Union and Lasko

One of the great problem of the young couples is to find a place where infraskar themselves without problems. In Triest, the mularia uses to go in camporela in a very nice environment, the Carso. However, the excessive cementification and the explosion of ceenghials population are making the life of the young sporcaciones very difficult. In this study we analyze some of the best Carso camporeling places.

Key words: monongamy, courtship, ceenghial, missiade, sardoni launching

Recent studies have demonstrated that the evil monongamy is taking advantage against the polygamy and could soon became the most spread sexual strategy in males (Manna, 2009). This could affect in a negative way the typical courtship that the male of Homo sapiens performs to ingroomar a baba of high CTF factor ranking (Burlasconi, 2008).
In Triest, the city of legere and nagane, the courtship is a very particular endemism called sardoni launching. In the last years, sardoni launching evolve a lot and the mulettes lament that there are no more the muli of a volt. Now the typical sardoni launching doesn't last very much because the mulo will scazzars very soon. There are two main tactics of sardoni launching: the first one is performed by mulettis, and consists in sending a friend to ask the mula: “te se missi col mio amico?”. This is a good tactic because, if the answer is no, the friend can ask: “bon, alora te se missi con mi?”. If the answer is no again, the mula is performing an applethrow, or melatiro, and there are not sperance.
The second tactic, performed by cressuted and more scazzated muli, consists in going directly to the girl and ask her: “bon, senza che ndemo tropo per le longhe, te me piasi, te se meti con mi?” (Pase, 1995). A more gentle version of this second tactic is the question: “ma la dama la dà?”. If the sardoni launching goes to a good end, the new couple will have the problem of where infrasking themselves (Ciullo, 1994). The aim of this study is to illustrate the best places for Carso camporelling, as in the last years many boschetts are vanished because of the selvagg cementification, a problem yet affronted by the mulon of the Gluck street (Cel'hainmano, 1966).

Material and methods
To better describe the camporeling places, we used the first plural person dilettament sampling method (Siffredi and Pozzi, 1995), obviously not together, but using the sardoni launching to find voluntaries for our scientific purposes. Obviously we used the first main tactic of sardon launching. As in the mulettes of high CTF ranking the applethrow is very well spread, we have not been able to describe all the places that we wanted. However, we didn't limit our research to the Carso but we explore also other original places in the city.

The best infrasking places that we have found are:
  • Area of Research: very enormous place for camporeling. Attention must be payed for all the scientific virtual nuclear subatomic interspacial biologic parallel-universal deeavoleries that can trasform you in a mutant without mudand.
  • Basoviza's astronomic observatory: if your performance is not going so well, you can still show the stars to the mula in a different manner.
  • Ollivud, on the road to Opcine: if the mula is very romantic she will be really incocalited by the wonderful landscape, so the mulo could give her a palpon and she will not inacorzers.
  • Monte Grisa's sanctuary: particularly indicated for sporcaciones with senses of colp. After the camporeling they can go directly to confess them in the temple, praying that it will not romper itself in tocs before they arrive.
  • Under conconel's antennas: sometimes the male human brain automatically synthonizates on the radio frequencies and the mulo will sing very nice love songs to the mula.
  • Pepi's fienil at Prepoto: very bucolic place, but special attention must be payed to the eventual presences of cows. If the mulo mistakes, the bull will be really incazzated.
  • Three cameenees near Catinara: particularly indicated for muli that go out with karate girls that don't want darghela. If it goes so bad, there is the hospital in proximity.
  • Catinara's cemetery: if things with the karate girl get worse...
  • Servola's Feriera: this place can be used when you have intestinal problem. The spuzz emited by the Feriera can easily cover the spuzz emited by your silent petazzs, and if you unfortunately produce a thunder you can incolpe the sirens that call to the work. Remember that the Feriera recently obtained the A.I.A. (Ambiental Integrated Autorization), so don't be afraid for your health: the odor of its fumere is all natural (probably a particular flower) and also the black polver that you will see over your car is all natural, maybe it is noce moscata or pevere. If in the future the Feriera will not obtain the A.I.A., it will be surely because of the too much scoresing camporelling mularia.
  • Miramare's scoio: just in front of the carambas there is a very romantic great scoio, on which zeema you can rampigart. Thanks to the presence of carambas, this place is very sure and there are not problem of bavosi that watch too much the young couples (Pacciani, 1996).
  • San Giusto's giardinet: it is better if you are dressed in an ancient roman style, so if the police catch you, you can say them that you are actors payed by the comun to recreate the historic landscape.
The triestin Carso seems to be very rich of posts where the camporeling can be practiced. We have elencated some of them, but the best tactic is surely to go with the car without a precise mete and scoprir new places. In this way, you can easily found an osmiza and incareegar the mula that will became more nice n' nacici. This is particularly indicated for the mulo with the karate girl. However, the problem of the continue cementification of the camporeling places is real. On the other side, there are also problems related to the presence of rebelling nature: ceenghials that could rosigate your popi (Sardoni Barcolani Vivi, 2009) (Fig. Cinghia), zecches that could tacate themselves to your popi and cocals that could kamikaze themselves on your popi or that could scagazzate you from the air. So both cement and nature seem to be enemies of the young sporcaciones. Who will save them? Bu, tacate yourself to the tramvay.

Fig. Cinghia. A family of ceenghiai try to rosigate the popi to two young sporcaciones.

Carso camporeling is becaming every day more difficult for young couples, even if at present there are still some good places with a lot of optionals for different esigenzes where infraskars. Principal dangers are the wild cementification and the wild ballbreaking animals. We think that we must be fully financed to continue our work of catalogation of camporeling places, this time without loosing too much time in sardoni launching but utilizing another tactic, more expensive but more efficient for our scientific purposes (Burlasconi, 2009).

We thanks a famous local nagana for this peerl of saggezz: “Andar in vacanza portandose drio la morosa xe come andar al'Oktoberfest portandose drio la latina de bira”.

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Bon, e adesso non vi resta che andare a comprare l'osmiza sul mare e regalarlo a tutti!
Se no no troverè più né la camporela né l'osmiza! :P

L'Osmiza sul mare lo trovate in tutte le librerie di Trieste e Bisiacaria a 10 euri.
Oppure comodamente online a questo link.


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