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Pegola-calling comet in Triest: the correlation between a ribaltated star and a worldwide pandemy

Eh bon ah. Visto che el 22 novembre 2021 xe stada montada de novo la cometa ala riversa e taaaac, el 27 novembre riva la notizia dela nova temibile variante omicron, no resta altro che far un studio scientifico fato ben su quanto sta cometa porti pegola.

Pegola-calling comet in Triest: the correlation between a ribaltated star and a worldwide pandemy
Diego Manna
Monon Behavior Research Department


In 2019 a great surprise was made to the triestin people: in Unity Square, for Nadal, there was not only the solit alberets and lucets, but also a big comet of lucets tacated near the sea. There was only a problem: the comet was tacated Upside Down. A lot of people say that this will portar a lot of sazia pegola, but they were not cagated. In the same year, the worldwide covid pandemy started. The aim of this study is to evaluate the correlation between the two disgrazies.

The city of Triest is characterized by a lot of important things, like its great scientific background (Hack, 2001), its great cultural background (Joyce, 1923), its rinomated coffee (Illy, 2020), its history and geographic position (Busani, 1974), its Pedocin with separated babe and omeenee (Brusaferro, 2015), its disgraziated tran (Vitaleone, 2021), and a lot of other well conosciuted things dei.
However, there is one thing that is more important than qualsiasother: the alberets and lucets de Nadal. The furlan Sindac Ofsquare introduced them in 2001 and from that year nobody could cambiar them without risking his life. In 2011 the new sindac Cosoleenee tried a different solution, but the tree was too spelachiated (fig. foreveralone) and the city started a revolution.

fig. foreveralone
The seguent years he tried to rimediate with light and sound modern spectacles over Cheba Palace, but it was all inutil: people was ancor incazated and wanted back the alberets and lucets, and so Ofsquare won again.
Then, in 2019, Ofsquare decided to make the greatest triestin Nadal of all time, introducing a big surprise: the comet. Unfortunately, they montated the comet Upside Down, i.e. ala riversa, i.e. ala versari (fig. UpsideDown).
The reason seems to be the bora wind, that is not strong enough to affect the construction of an ovovy, but is too strong to tacate drite a comet.
However, the great problem of a ribaltaded comet is that... people say that it ciamates a lot of sazia pegola and nera.
We will investigate if the comet ciamate nera per bon.
Fig. Upsidedown.

To investigate the pegola power of the comet, we use the "complottist mouse sbisighing highly scientific research method", that consists in being sentated davant al computer possibly scratching the panza with one hand, while navighing with the other hand in sites like bryoblurocchettalaleggera or or or or zerpuz.ts or triestecafè.

We found a lot of evidences that the comet calls pegola: 

- In 2019, while the comet was being tacated, contemporaneament in a market in Wuhan (China) an old marantiga magnated a barbastel. The correlation between the two facts is well dimonstrated by Lorenz's theory: "Può il batter d'ali di una farfalla in Brasile provocare un tornado in Texas?", that translated in triestin sounds like "Pol una cometa tirada su ala riversa a Trieste provocarghe un ataco de fame a una baba in Cina?". The answer is yes. 
From that barbastel the covid pandemy began.

- In 2020, there was a short period in which the pandemy seemed gone to remengo. But the comet was in agguate. In fact, the sindac Ofsquare decided to anticipate the alberets of Nadal in October, when in Triest there was ancor the summer (fig. mulones).
Contemporaneament, for the solit effect of the farfall and the tornad, in India the temible variante Delta was born. And Italy soon went to second ondate, red zone, coverzifire ecc...

Fig. mulones. Nadal alberets in October 2020.

- In 2021, the disgraziated comet has been tacated on 22 November. On 27 November, in the first page of the newspaper of all the world, there is the new Omicron variant and the Friuli Venezia Giulia will be yellow the next week. Eh bon ah.

- While watching old prohibited uncut films in the dark web, we found this hidden photogram in the famous "L'armata delle tenebre", that came out when the protagonist said "Klaatu Barada Nektar".

We think this is the most evident evidence that something's gone wrong.

The correlation between the comet and the pandemy seem to be evidentissim. It calls a lot of pegola and must be indrizated as soon as possible.
We also are a little preocupated for the mulones in fig. mulones. Are they well? We hope they're not under some pegola effects of the comet.

We used to make also this bibliographic section, but we noticed that the real modern scientist don't have pel cul the references, the citations, the published papers and similar monadines that are good only for the old-mainstream-false-dinosauric-professorons-solons-slave-of-the-system science.

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