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I 15 compagni de classe che no manca mai

Gnente, giusto un'altra anteprima da "The Origin of Nosepolis", che trovè nele librerie più bobe e anca comodamente online qua.
Diretamente del'importante studio scientifico "The triestin muleria: going to school is cool", eco estrato el toco dedicado ai compagni de classe che tuti gavemo gavudo.

In every class there is always some fixed categories of schoolmates.
These are:
The paiazo: the one who always makes the mona. After some years, he can evolve and become a legera or he can remain proudly moneto forever. Mona a 20, mona avanti (Stanese, personal communication).
The lofio: dangerous category, this mulo is schierated by the dark side of the forz, i.e. the teachers. He will always lofiar everyone, but he will also ciapar a lot of sazie leegnade.
The fumigador: he will pass all of his Oberdan years fuming spagnolets in every place, class, condot, parchegg and stairs. Before the no-smoking edict of 1995, a lot of fumigadors used to smoke inside the atrio of the school, creating a big black fog in which you could even hide yourself to make lipe without fadiga.
The okkupador: you don’t know the existence of this schoolmate in your class until there is odor of okkupation. Then he magically materialize himself, and magically he will disappear again after the end of the okkupation.
The croomeero: the complementar of the okkupador. He never makes sciopers or other form of protest. The okkupation is his worst enemy.
The nerd: no need of description. Everybody have a nerd in class dei, no stè far finta de no. E se no ve vien in mente alora ieri voi. However, the nerd is informatically talented and can easily napar which professor watched pornazzees in the informatic aule.
The giustificator: the king of paraculs. He has a entire catalogue of exscuses to not be interrogated when it’s his turn. These comprends: 5 grandmothers, 8 grandfathers and an esercit of uncles ready to die the day before of the interrogation; an afamated dog/cat/cocal/ceenghial/sorz that magnated his appunts so he wasn’t able to study; a perfectly timed headache/mal of panz/garbing that appears exactly during the hour of the interrogation; a certified dangerous allergy to the inchiostr of the book; some aliens that frequently rapiss him (fig. paracul).

Fig. Paracul. Just a real justification.

The cocol secion: a sgaious mulo with very high votes and very altruistic manner, so you can copiate everything from him. Usually during the compitinclasse the class assumes a “christmas tree” disposition, with the cocol secion on the top, two muli behind him that copiate from him and three or four other muli behind them that copiate from them. So the optimal proportion in a class is 1 cocol secion every 6 muli.
The stronz secion: high votes but totally estraneous to the social life of the class. He doesn’t let you copiate nothing. Sfigà.
The nagana: the one who doesn’t have pel cool the school, makes a lot of lipe, takes a lot of picons and is involved in every situation of longhee. The nagane were characterized by the use of Fifty and Oxford in the 80’s and by the use of Zip or Phantom F12 in the 90’s. Can evolve in legera, gencon, tara or simply in mulon.
The pH2: schoolmate characterized by his gratuit ranzidume with everybody. His contemporary presence with a nagana is highly sconsigliated.
The guitarist: he’s the one that bring with him the guitarin in every party. If he’s good and plays Nirvana and Pearl Jam, it’s a figade. If he likes Giggi D’alessio, it’s very longhee.
The nana tetona: mula that svilupped more in the x coordinate than in the y. Usually her arrive is anticipated of some seconds by the manifestation of her tetons.
The high CTF rank mula: the pataton of the class. If you haven’t this one in the class, change sezion!
The boocal: the lowest CTF rank mula of the class. It’s not finger that she will not become beautiful in the years, like in the typical american filmazz in which the ugly protagonist will molate her cavei, will cavars the machinet from the dents, will cavars the ociai and improvisament will become a pataton. Eh sì.

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